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Many people think that playing basketball 365 days in a row is the best way to gain an edge over their opponents. Although it sounds like great commitment and dedication, not taking a break will cause your mind and body to “burn out”. Everyone needs to be smart and precise with when to rest and when to go. Here are five benefits of taking a 2-3 week break from basketball after playing for a full season.

Body Recovery

  • Giving your body a couple of weeks to do nothing, will give your muscles a full reset. Throughout the season, you will probably have to play through small aches and pains. Make sure to fully heal your body at the end of the season before you start a new season.

Mental Reset

  • Basketball is a very emotional and mental game. Seasons can seem very long at times and giving your mind time to think about things other than basketball will help alleviate “burnout” from the sport. A smart, end-of-the-season mental break, will keep your mind sharp when you eventually start the season back up.

New Hobbies/Interests

  • Basketball takes a lot of time and sacrifice to succeed. Throughout the season, there may not be a lot of time to do things outside of basketball. A break at the end of the season will give you the chance to do things that you normally wouldn’t have the ability to do during the season. Use this break to find new hobbies and passions outside of basketball.

Increase your passion

  • The saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Taking a break from basketball will allow you to miss the game and come back with a stronger passion and love for it.

Evaluation Period

  • An end of the year break will also give you the opportunity to evaluate your season and examine the things you did well during your season and the things you want to improve before your next season.

Basketball is a beautiful game but managing your time and body wisely will help you maximize yourself in the sport. Be smart and understand when to train hard and when to give yourself a rest.

No one can “turn it on” every single day of their life. We all need a break at some point.

Thanks for reading!

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