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The more you shoot a basketball, the better your muscle memory will be. Although repetition is important, make sure the quality of your form and your focus on each shot is exceptional. Make each repetition COUNT!

The number of shots does not necessarily matter, as long as you are shooting in high volume at one time i.e (100+ at a time). If your arms are sore or fatigued after, then that’s a good indication of building quality muscle memory.

See the basketball go in!

Many basketball players want to shoot three-pointers but that's not the best way to gain confidence in your shot. Shooting shots close to the basket and working your way out to the mid-range is the best way to feel more confident about your shot.

Don’t underestimate the value of seeing your basketball go into a hoop. The more you see your shot go in, the more your mind and body will repeat that successful shot pattern.

Visualize yourself shooting in-game shots and seeing the ball go through the net. Visualizing every detail of the moment will help your mind feel natural when you're actually in the moment. The mind is powerful!

Watch videos of your successful shots

Just like seeing your shot go into the basket at close distances, watching videos of your made shots will also help build confidence and muscle memory.

I frequently have a friend or parent film me during my basketball workouts so I can rewatch my made shots later that night.

Short memory on misses

Positive self-talk is crucial in gaining confidence in your jump shot. You're not going to make every shot. The most successful shooters are the ones who miss but remain poised and confident that they will make their next shot.

If you don’t believe your shot is going to go in, they might as well not shoot in the first place.

Make adjustments

When you miss a jump shot, be aware of how you are missing. I.e (long, short, not enough arc, etc) The best shooters are able to know the reason why they missed and are able to correct it on their next shot attempt.

Use a shooting machine if one is available

Shooting machines are great because they allow you to get a high volume of jump shots with minimum effort. Building muscle memory on your jump shot requires thousands of shots.

If you are able to use a shooting machine make sure that you take advantage!

Always believe in yourself and take pride in working out consistently. Confidence comes from repetition and practice!

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