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Although scoring baskets is how games are won, true professionals understand every aspect of the game of basketball.

Not every player on every team is asked to score 20 points every game.

Basketball has other aspects that directly result in winning and that’s what separates great players from good players.

Here are a few aspects of basketball that will help you dominate when you play:


Every basketball team needs someone to guard and stop the opposing teams’ best player.

You will always have a job playing basketball if you work to become an elite basketball player.

Not everyone wants to be a great defender, so deciding that this is what you want your niche to be, already gives you an edge over other players.


I would recommend watching videos on youtube of Dennis Rodman when he played in the NBA. He knew that his best quality was studying where the ball would hit the rim and chasing down every rebound he could.

Extra possessions will win games, especially the higher the level of basketball that you play.

IQ/Winning Plays

Studying the game of basketball will separate the good players from the great.

The older and higher level of basketball you get to, your basketball IQ will be more and more valuable. Winning teams always have players who make smart decisions and learn from their mistakes quicker than others.

The only way to improve your basketball IQ is to be willing to be coached and criticized. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have said multiple times in interviews that they are constantly watching basketball films and finding ways to improve their thinking and overall basketball game.


It sounds crazy to think about, but playing as hard as you can is a skill.

Everyone doesn’t want to play hard on offense, defense, and rebounding the ball. The players who decide to play hard all the time will find ways to impact winning and increase their overall playing time.

Always be alert and look for ways to outmaneuver and hustle the player you are going against.

Nothing worthwhile ever came to a person who was lazy and complacent.


Leadership is something you have to earn. Leaders can hold teammates accountable, while they accept being held accountable.

Players only follow the leadership of individuals who “practice what they preach”. Being a leader is a privilege that is needed on every winning basketball team.

To be a leader, you have to be willing to show up every day and prove to your teammates that you are willing to do whatever it takes to help everyone become a better player.

Coaches value someone they can rely on and depend on, no matter what the situation is.

These aspects will help increase your playing time and overall impact on the game of basketball. The quicker the players understand their roles on a team, the more successful they will have.

Strive to be the best at whatever your role is and your coach will always find room for you on their basketball team.

Best of luck moving forward in your journey!

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