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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Basketball today has changed a lot over the past 20 years, especially in college and the NBA. There used to be a center (post player) that only shot lay-ups and dunks on every team.

Nowadays, almost every center in the NBA has the ability to shoot three-point shots. Many post players who haven’t adapted to the “small ball era” have lost jobs or roster spots.

The reason this is so important for young players to be aware of is to make sure their basketball workouts aren’t only post moves or shots close to the basket. Every kid that wants to play at the college and NBA level needs to work on their dribbling and perimeter shooting consistently.

Here are a few things to consider if you are a “post player” or “big man”.

Being tall in elementary school doesn't mean you will always be the tallest player on your team when you're in high school

A lot of players don’t work on their dribbling and shooting enough at a young age and as a result, other players that may not be as tall as them take their roster spots because they are more developed and skilled. “Small ball” is being more and more preferred amongst coaches and teams.

Basketball coaches value players that can defend multiple positions

Even though you may be tall, working on agility and lateral movements will give you more opportunities to get more minutes and roster spots. Teams will always have a roster spot of players that can defend multiple positions at a high level.

If your basketball coach doesn’t allow you the freedom to dribble and shoot perimeter shots; either you haven’t shown the coach that you are capable or the coach is holding back your development.

Gain the trust of the coach by producing in practice every day. Coaches need to see you perform in practice before they allow it to happen in a game

If you are performing and producing in practice but your basketball coach still doesn’t allow you the freedom to dribble or shoot, you should consider changing teams so your development won't be hindered in the long run.

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