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Here are some lower body workouts that I personally do whenever I can’t get to a weight room or gym. If some of these exercises are relatively easy, you add free weights or a weight vest to challenge yourself.

Split squats

  • I enjoy split squats because they are great for isolating each leg and building individual strength.

  • While standing up, put one foot in front of you and go into a lunge position. Your knee should hover one inch above the ground and then push back up into your starting position.

  • Then alternate legs until you complete 10 lunges on each leg. Your chest and upper body should be upright and not hunched over while lunging.

  • Faster isn’t better. Have a smooth tempo while doing split squats.

Calf raises

  • Calf raises are great for increasing jumping ability and ankle stability/strength. You can calf raise with both legs at a time or one leg for more of a challenge.

  • Stand next to a wall to help with balance. Keep your legs straight while lifting yourself up and then back down to the ground.

  • A slow pace will bring you more results than raising up fast. Work on controlling and keeping a smooth motion the whole time.

  • I normally do 15-20 reps at a time.

Glute Bridge

  • Glute bridges are great for lower body strength but also for building strength in your lower back and reducing pain.

  • While laying on your back, bend your knees up to where only your upper body, glutes, and feet are touching the ground.

  • This is your starting position. Now activate your glutes and abs and push your hips up using your feet.

  • Your hips should be in line with your upper body and knees when you are fully lifted. Once you lift up, return back down until your glutes are back touching the ground.

  • That is one repetition. As with most of these exercises, a slow and steady pace will be more challenging but more rewarding as well.

  • I do 12-15 reps at a time.

Body squats

  • Body squats are probably the most common out of all these exercises. They are simple to do but still very effective.

  • You can hold weights or a full backpack in order to add more of a challenge.

  • Stand up straight. Keep your chest upright and bend your knees into a sitting position until your legs are at a 90-degree angle and then return to your standing position.

Good mornings

  • Good mornings are great for lower body strength but also for abdominal and lower body strength as well.

  • While standing up, bend yourself over at your waist while keeping your legs straight and your abs engaged.

  • Your body should look like an upside-down “L” while standing up. After bending to a 90-degree angle at the waist, raise back up to your standing position. That is considered one repetition.

  • You should feel the stretch and tension in your thighs, glutes, and lower back. If you want to increase the difficulty, hold a weight or something heavy while doing your good mornings.

  • I normally do 10-15 repetitions at a time.

I hope these exercises give you an opportunity to keep building strength in your lower body when you don’t have access to a gym or weight room.

It doesn’t take much to get a great workout in! Make sure to read my article How to Build Strength Without Weights - Upper Body Edition.

If you have any questions about these exercises you can email me at, or leave a comment below.

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