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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

What is a good basketball shot?

A good basketball shot is never the same for each basketball player. To find out what a good basketball shot is, you must evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Be honest with your self-examination. It is the only way you will improve your shot selection and increase your shooting percentage. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find basketball shots that are most effective for you.

  • What comes naturally?

  • You should think about what shots you make more consistently. Some players are better at shooting lay-ups, mid-range, or three-pointers

Once you find out where on the court you are most comfortable, continue to find ways to get to those spots as much as possible during your games.

  • Don’t force it

  • Although you might be shooting from areas that give you the most success, shooting a shot while being highly contested by the defender will ALWAYS lower your chances.

  • Your goal should be to shoot as many shots on the court during games that are not contested by defenders. The more consistent you are in shooting open shots, the more successful your jump shot will be.

  • Unconsciousness

  • The greatest shooters are the ones that never stop believing in themselves. Shooting shots that are comfortable for you should always be your goal.

  • If you go through a shooting slump, continue to take shots that you have the most success with.

  • Just because you have missed a lot of “good shots”, continue to take them with confidence and focus. The more you second guess yourself, the more you will continue to struggle. Confidence is everything!

I hope these tips can help your basketball game become more successful and consistent. Even though it is smart to play to your strengths and comfortable spots, continue to work on weakness so your basketball skills continue to develop.

The more you practice uncomfortable shots, the more those shots will eventually become easy. I work on challenging shots in practice but stick to comfortable shots during the games.

Best of luck moving forward!

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