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A set routine is something every successful and professional person does.

People do not succeed by chance, there is a reason why they are successful.

All of the athletes who I have played with or observed have routines and a purpose for what they do on a daily basis. Routines should be as original but detailed as possible.

The reason routines are so important is because humans are creatures of habit. The more we can implement positive muscle memory and routines, the more consistency and positivity will result.

Here is the routine that I personally do on a daily basis before practice that allows me to feel confident and prepared for the training session ahead of me.


  • I eat fruit with eggs on toast (sometimes smoked salmon on top)

  • Every athlete I know has a different diet and preference when eating in the morning. Make sure that whatever food you choose, your body reacts to the food in a positive way. Don’t choose food that will make you feel sluggish or low energy.

  • Some athletes don’t even eat in the morning and prefer a protein shake...whatever works for you!

  • Massage gun/foam rolling

  • I am a big fan of massage guns. They've grown in popularity in the last 5 years. I use foam rolling for big muscle groups and massage guns for smaller, hard-to-reach sore spots on my body.

  • Taking time each day to massage your body will allow you to recover much faster. See my post 'Must Have Workout Equipment' to see what products I recommend.


  • I start with a basic stretching routine and then specifically stretch areas of my body that are sorer than others.

  • Flexibility will help you not only with playing better basketball but help reduce injuries.

  • Band resistance work

  • I like to use resistance bands to activate and “turn on” muscle groups that I know I will use when playing basketball. The warmer my muscles are to start a workout, the more productive and stable my body and movements feel.

  • I also stretch my ankles, knees, and hips before I play. I have had different injuries in the past that have required me to give extra attention to certain body parts before I play.

Mental Approach

  • The final thing I do before walking onto the court to play is prepare my mind for what’s to come. I give my mind positive affirmations and thoughts.

  • Then I think about the aspects of basketball that I want to work on for that specific day. For example, I might want to work on getting to the basket through contact. Although I will work hard on every drill and session in practice, I am not worried about shooting threes for this practice, because I want to improve getting to the basket.

  • Having a mental purpose and idea of what you want to achieve will help you to make the most out of each day and training session. Before you step foot on the practice floor, make sure that you have at least one thing for offense and one thing for defense that you are going to concentrate on.

Routines are something I didn’t value until I got older. I hope this post helps trigger your own thoughts on what you would like your own daily routine to be.

You can always adjust and change them on the fly, but having a good foundation to start with will result in consistency and positive results.

Best of luck moving forward!

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